Friday, December 28, 2012

Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach

Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach PDF Download Ebook. Paul J. Deitel gives you all the pieces you’ll want to start creating nice Android apps rapidly and getting them published on Android Market. This is the book for builders excited about beginning Android application development.

This text will speed their immersion into Android development. The book begins by describing the Android improvement environment. Then every chapter introduces a core facet of the Android platform by briefly explaining the subject, then illustrating the aptitude with working code. The pattern apps show the matters of each chapter, which easily might be applied to your own projects.

Somewhat than regurgitate the API documentation, this book shows you learn how to write an app in every chapter, explaining each side of the SDK as it’s encountered. Some apps are built from scratch; others broaden on the apps in previous chapters, iterating on the code to implement new functionality. The full supply code is on the market, so you possibly can see how the SDK is de facto used.

The book uses an app-driven approach—each new technology is discussed in the context of 16 fully tested Android apps, complete with syntax coloring, code walkthroughs and sample outputs. Apps you’ll develop include SpotOn Game, Slideshow, Flag Quiz, Route Tracker, Favorite Twitter® Searches, Address Book, Tip Calculator, Doodlz, Weather Viewer, Cannon Game, Voice Recorder and Pizza Ordering.

This book offers example-rich coverage of Smartphone and Tablet Apps, Android Development Tools (ADT) Plug-In for Eclipse, Activities, Intents, Content Providers, GUI Components, Menus, Toasts, Resource Files, Touch and Gesture Processing, Tablet Apps, ActionBar and AppWidgets, Tweened Animations, Property Animations, Camera, Audio, Video, Graphics, OpenGL ES, Gallery and Media Library Access

Other topics include SharedPreferences, Serialization, SQLite, Handlers and Multithreading, Games, Google Maps, GPS, Location Services, Sensors, Internet-Enabled Apps, Web Services, Telephony, Bluetooth®, Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Android Market, Pricing, and Monetization.

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