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jQuery Mobile: Up and Running Ebook

jQuery Mobile: Up and Running PDF Download Ebook. Maximiliano Firtman shows how to build one mobile net application that works on iPad and Kindle Fire as well as iPhone and Android smartphones. By way of a collection of palms-on workouts, you’ll learn the most effective methods to make use of this framework’s many interface parts to build customizable, multiplatform apps. You don’t need any programming expertise or previous expertise with jQuery to get started.

By the point you end this book, you’ll know how to create responsive, Ajax-primarily based interfaces that work on a variety of smartphones and tablets, using jQuery Cell and semantic HTML5 code. You understand how jQuery Cell works with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, work with UI elements to format content material and create forms, lists, navbars, and buttons.

This book reveals methods to create dynamic content with JavaScript, Ajax, and the jQuery core framework, customize your whole person interface with themes and CSS3, enable customers to install your app from the browser and work with it offline and distribute through app stores by packaging your creation as a native app.

Max Firtman is a mobile+web developer, trainer, speaker and writer. He is Adobe Community Champion and founder of ITMaster Professional Training. He wrote many books, including "Programming the Mobile Web" and "jQuery Mobile: Up and Running" published by O'Reilly Media.

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PhoneGap Essentials: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

PhoneGap Essentials: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps PDF Download Ebook. John M. Wargo show how developers can build native cell apps utilizing commonplace HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and then deploy these apps to every leading cell platform with little or no recoding.

This book fills that void: It’s the primary concise, yet complete, tutorial for succeeding with PhoneGap in real-world development. Experienced cell developer John M. Wargo completely introduces the PhoneGap platform, explaining what it is, what it does, and the way it works. Author exhibits by configuring PhoneGap environments-creating complete cell apps-and building them for the Google Android™, Samsung bada, BlackBerry® devices, Apple® iOS, Symbian™ OS, and Windows® Phone.

Through sensible examples, you’ll master key PhoneGap APIs for all the pieces from GPS to the file system, contacts to digital camera, system to events, and more. Wargo additionally demonstrates the best way to take full benefit of PhoneGap Build, PhoneGap’s cloud-based packaging utility.

Protection contains anatomy of a PhoneGap software (what makes an software a PhoneGap software), understanding the influence of cross-platform improvement issues, exploring the entire PhoneGap improvement process, including testing and debugging and increasing PhoneGap’s capabilities with third-social gathering growth tools and plug-ins.

The opposite topics embrace building cross-platform apps that use the gadget camera, compass, accelerometer, and different hardware, studying from and writing to the contacts database and the device file system, installing tools needed to develop PhoneGap apps for Android, bada, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, and Home windows Phone.

Reacting to events and notifying customers is defined with pointers on using the Media API to document and play media files and building for a number of platforms simultaneously utilizing this book.

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Head First Mobile Web Ebook Review

Head First Mobile Web PDF Download Ebook. Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby review complete matters to show how you can use the net tech- nology you’re already acquainted with to make sites and apps that work on any device of any size. Put your JavaScript, CSS media question, and HTML5 abilities to work, and then optimize your site to carry out its finest within the demanding cellular market.

Alongside the way, you’ll discover the best way to adapt your business strategy to focus on particular units, navigate the increasingly complicated cell landscape, take both technical and strategic approaches to mobile web design, use the most recent improvement strategies-including Responsive Internet Design and server-side system detection with WURFL and be taught rapidly by pictures, puzzles, tales, and quizzes.

We expect your time is simply too invaluable to waste scuffling with new concepts. Utilizing the latest analysis in cognitive science and studying principle to craft a multi-sensory learning expertise, this book uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, not a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.

Cellular web usage is exploding. Soon, Internet will take place on phones and tablets than PCs. Your business needs a cell technique, but where do you start? Lyza has written a lot of web applications (server-side devs, represent!), defeated wily content management systems, optimized mobile web sites, pounded on various APIs, and worried a lot about databases. Fascinated by the way mobile technology has changed things, she now spends a lot of time thinking about the future of the web, mobile and otherwise.

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Android Cookbook O'Reilly by Ian F. Darwin

Android Cookbook O'Reilly Media PDF Download Ebook. Ian F. Darwin builds working Android apps with the assistance of more than 200 examined recipes. With this cookbook, you’ll find solutions for working with the user interfaces, multitouch gestures, location awareness, web providers, and machine features such as the phone, digicam, and accelerometer. You additionally get helpful steps on packaging your app for the Android Market.

Superb for developers conversant in Java, Android basics, and the Java SE API, this book options recipes contributed by more than three dozen builders from the Android community. Each recipe gives a clear solution and sample code you need to use in your undertaking right away.

Amongst numerous subjects, this prepare dinnerbook helps you employ pointers for designing a successful Android app, work with UI controls, efficient layouts, and graphical elements, discover ways to make the most of Android’s rich options in your app, save and retrieve software data in information, SD cards, and embedded databases.

By reading this book, you know how to access RESTful web providers, RSS/Atom feeds, and information from net sites, create location-aware services to seek out places and landmarks, and situate them on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, check and troubleshoot particular person elements and your entire application.

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Beginning Android 4 Application Development, Lee

Beginning Android 4 Application Development PDF Download Ebook. Wei Meng Lee provides clear instructions backed by actual-world programming examples with the basics and covers every part Android 4 builders have to know for each smartphone and tablet.

Author explains how to customize actions and intents, create wealthy user interfaces, and manage data. He heelps you're employed with SMS and messaging APIs, the Android SDK, and using location-based services to point out how to bundle and publish your purposes to the Android Market. It gives aspiring cell app developers what they need to know to program for right this moment's hottest Android smartphones and tablets.

Android four OS is, for the first time, a single answer for both smartphones and tablets, so if you happen to grasp the information in this useful information, you may be effectively in your way to profitable improvement for both devices. From using actions and intents and creating rich user interfaces to working with SMS, messaging APIs, and the Android SDK, what you want is here.

This book exhibits the way to adapt to display orientation, understand the parts of a display, and deal with consumer interface notifications by explaining the varied elements that go into designing your person interface using views akin to TextView, ProgressBar, AutoCompleteTextView, TimePicker, ListView, and more. It demonstrates find out how to show photos and menus with views, exhibits the way to use a content material supplier and create your own content material provider to put long operating tasks in separate threads.

Author builds software that tracks places utilizing SMS messaging, reveals how one can use JSON and Sockets programming to build your own chat software and helps you prepare your Android software for the Android Market.

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The Android Developer's Cookbook 2nd Edition

The Android Developer's Cookbook 2nd Edition: Building Applications with the Android SDK: Building Applications with the Android SDK PDF Download Ebook. James Steele brings together all the skilled steerage and code you’ll need.

With 50% new material, this edition has been extensively up to date to mirror “Jelly Bean” and different present releases of the Android SDK. Its proven modular recipes take you from the basics to all the best way to superior companies, demonstrating how to benefit from the newest APIs and Android development greatest practices.

The authors’ code samples are designed to serve immediately as templates to your personal initiatives and components. Main updates embrace coverage of the brand new Google Play market and new Android hardware, units, and form elements, including new tablets and Google TV with new undertaking setup methods, including library projects, fragments, and Activity Lifecycle changes.

Updated coverage of loaders, new service patterns, and the new ActionBar pattern is included with support for NFC and USB connections (including home automation apps), data storage by way of asyncronal File I/O operations, simplifying Location Based mostly Service growth with the fluffy location library, profiting from Android’s improved native C/C++ growth help, using the Sensor Simulator to stimulate sensor-based mostly events and debugging improvements, together with LINT code analysis.

It is the essential resource for developers building apps for any Android device, from phones to tablets. Proven, modular recipes take you from the absolute basics to advanced location-based services, security techniques, and performance optimization. You’ll learn how to write apps from scratch, ensure interoperability, choose the best solutions for common problems, and avoid development pitfalls.

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Android in Practice Ebook by Charlie Collins

Android in Practice PDF Free Download Ebook. Charlie Collins offers over 90 tested, ready-to-use methods together with full end-to-finish instance applications and sensible tips for actual world cell software developers. Written by real world Android builders, this book addresses the trickiest questions raised in forums and mailing lists.

Utilizing a simple-to-follow drawback/answer/discussion format, it dives into vital topics not covered in different Android books, like superior drawing and graphics, testing and instrumentation, building and deploying functions, and using different languages. It's not onerous to find the information you need to construct your first Android app. Then what? If you want to build actual apps, you will need some how-to advice, and that's what this book is about.

This text is a wealthy supply of Android ideas, methods, and finest practices, covering over ninety intelligent and useful strategies that will make you a more effective Android developer. Methods are offered in a simple-to-learn downside/answer/discussion format.

The book dives into vital subjects like multitasking and companies, testing and instrumentation, building and deploying applications, and using different languages. It requires a working data of Java, however no prior expertise with Android is assumed. The topics include techniques covering Android 1.x to 3.x, Android for tablets, working with threads and concurrency, testing and building, using location awareness and GPS with styles and themes.

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Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach

Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach PDF Download Ebook. Paul J. Deitel gives you all the pieces you’ll want to start creating nice Android apps rapidly and getting them published on Android Market. This is the book for builders excited about beginning Android application development.

This text will speed their immersion into Android development. The book begins by describing the Android improvement environment. Then every chapter introduces a core facet of the Android platform by briefly explaining the subject, then illustrating the aptitude with working code. The pattern apps show the matters of each chapter, which easily might be applied to your own projects.

Somewhat than regurgitate the API documentation, this book shows you learn how to write an app in every chapter, explaining each side of the SDK as it’s encountered. Some apps are built from scratch; others broaden on the apps in previous chapters, iterating on the code to implement new functionality. The full supply code is on the market, so you possibly can see how the SDK is de facto used.

The book uses an app-driven approach—each new technology is discussed in the context of 16 fully tested Android apps, complete with syntax coloring, code walkthroughs and sample outputs. Apps you’ll develop include SpotOn Game, Slideshow, Flag Quiz, Route Tracker, Favorite Twitter® Searches, Address Book, Tip Calculator, Doodlz, Weather Viewer, Cannon Game, Voice Recorder and Pizza Ordering.

This book offers example-rich coverage of Smartphone and Tablet Apps, Android Development Tools (ADT) Plug-In for Eclipse, Activities, Intents, Content Providers, GUI Components, Menus, Toasts, Resource Files, Touch and Gesture Processing, Tablet Apps, ActionBar and AppWidgets, Tweened Animations, Property Animations, Camera, Audio, Video, Graphics, OpenGL ES, Gallery and Media Library Access

Other topics include SharedPreferences, Serialization, SQLite, Handlers and Multithreading, Games, Google Maps, GPS, Location Services, Sensors, Internet-Enabled Apps, Web Services, Telephony, Bluetooth®, Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Android Market, Pricing, and Monetization.

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Professional Android 4 Application Development 3e

Professional Android 4 Application Development 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Reto Meier shows skilled builders the best way to create mobile applications for Android smartphones and tablets. The subjects cover all the Android SDK releases including Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including all updated APIs, and the most recent adjustments to the Android platform.

This book explains new and enhanced features equivalent to drag and drop, fragments, the action bar, enhanced multitouch assist, new environmental sensor assist, major improvements to the animation framework, and a variety of recent communications methods together with NFC and Wi-Fi direct. It gives practical steerage on publishing and marketing your purposes, greatest practices for consumer expertise, and extra

This book helps you study to master the design, lifecycle, and UI of an Android app via sensible workouts, which you'll be able to then use as a basis for creating your individual Android apps. It's the quick-rising reputation of Android smartphones and tablets creates an enormous opportunities for developers. Should you're an experienced developer, you can start creating sturdy cell Android apps immediately with this skilled information to Android 4 utility development.

Written by considered one of Google's lead Android developer advocates, this sensible book walks you through a series of arms-on initiatives that illustrate the options of the Android SDK. That features all the brand new APIs launched in Android 3 and 4, together with building for tablets, using the Action Bar, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC Beam, and more.

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Android Apps with Eclipse by Onur Cinar

Android Apps with Eclipse Free PDF Download Ebook. Onur Cinar offers a detailed overview of Eclipse, including steps and the screenshots to help Android builders to rapidly rise up to speed on Eclipse and to streamline their day-to-day software program development.

This book includes the next overview of Eclipse fundamentals for both Java and C/C++ Development, using Eclipse Android Improvement Toolkit (ADT) to develop, debug, and troubleshoot Android applications. It reveals the right way to use Eclipse C/C++ Improvement Toolkit (CDT) along with Android Native Development Package (NDK) to integrate, develop and troubleshoot native Android elements by Eclipse.

By reading this book, you’ll discover ways to use the most well-liked Java IDE for Android apps development, install and configure Eclipse for Android improvement, build an Android media player app utilizing the Eclipse IDE, leverage Eclipse with the Android Native Development Package for C/C++ needs scripting utilizing Android's SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android) and easy methods to do steady integration in Eclipse, together with source code controls, scripting builds with Ant and more.

This book is for both beginner and intermediate builders who want to quickly come up to speed on Android improvement using the Eclipse IDE. The writer writes with a straight ahead, simple to ingest fashion that makes this book a pleasure to pick up and tough to place down. The book provides a complete overview of all things android, going into the main points of the NDK and offering perception on scripting using SL4A.

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Programming Android 2nd Edition, Zigurd Mednieks

Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Zigurd Mednieks reveals how to create up-to-date consumer experiences for both handsets and tablets. With this book’s extensively revised second version, you’ll deal with Android tools and programming necessities, together with finest practices for using Android 4 APIs.

Should you’re experienced with Java or Goal-C, you’ll achieve the data vital for building properly-engineered applications. This book is organized into 4 parts. Part One helps programmers with some Java or iOS experience get off to a quick start with the Android SDK and Android programming basics.

Part Two delves into the Android framework, specializing in user interface and graphics class hierarchies, concurrency, and databases. It’s a stable basis for understanding of how the most important components of Android software work. Part Three features code skeletons and patterns for accelerating the development of apps that use internet information and Android 4 person interface conventions and APIs.

Part Four delivers practical coverage of Android’s multimedia, search, location, sensor, and account APIs, plus the Native Growth Package, enabling developers so as to add superior capabilities. This book focuses on the information and developer priorities that are essential for profitable Android development projects.

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Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013, Krygiel

Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 PDF Download Ebook. Phil Read, James Vandezande and Eddy Krygiel present in-depth coverage of Autodesk's leading building information modeling software. This tutorial features clear discussions of essential subjects, bolstered with compelling examples and tutorials drawn from the authors' in-depth experience utilizing the software program on actual-world projects.

This hands-on guide totally explores the interface, templates, modeling, massing, households, annotation and detailing, stairs and railings, visualization, and more. It options actual-world workflows and examples, as well as superior matters reminiscent of utilizing Revit in building and within the cloud. This complete tutorial is what you could take your Revit information to the subsequent level.

This text covers core Revit topics resembling modeling, massing, sustainability, and more. It also brings you in control on advanced techniques comparable to using Revit within the cloud and how to go direct to fabrication. Organized by actual-world workflows, this book covers the interface, templates, worksharing, modeling and massing, visualization strategies for various industries, sustainability, roofs and flooring, stairs and railings, documentation, and much more.

This book teaches you how one can use the main BIM software and likewise serves as a examine assist for Autodesk's Licensed Affiliate and Certified Skilled exams Organized according to precise workflows, the book begins with an evidence of key BIM ideas, familiarizes you with the interface, and then moves into actual application.

This text also covers modeling and massing, the Family Editor, visualization strategies for varied industries, documentation, annotation and detailing, and easy methods to work with complex partitions, roofs, floors, stairs, and railings. Companion site features before-and-after tutorial data, so readers can leap in at any point.

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Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop

Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop PDF Download Ebook. Scott Kelby trains actually thousands of photographers on find out how to retouch portraits using Photoshop by way of his reside seminars, on-line courses, DVDs, and standing-room solely workshops on the Photoshop World Conference & Expo.

Now you possibly can learn the same strategies he makes use of in his own retouching workflow, in the only book of its type-one written expressly for photographers who do their very own retouching. As a pro photographer himself, Scott understands that photographers make their dwelling shooting, not retouching. But, delivering totally retouched pictures is now expected by clients.

That’s why Scott put together this amazing useful resource for instructing photographers the quickest, best, and best ways to create professional-wanting, retouched final images without spending hours grinding away at painstaking, detailed techniques.

It’s all right here-the step-by-step methods for fixing, enhancing, and ending your portraits in Photoshop. Utilizing the methods on this book, you’ll create pictures that will completely wow your clients. You’ll discover ways to soften skin and still retain detail and texture, best tips for beautifully enhancing eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes, the right way to selectively sharpen portraits without complicated masking and create beautiful-wanting lips.

This book shows tips on methods to remove blemishes fast and preserve the most detail, pros’ methods for body sculpting, make your topic’s hair look fabulous, give your retouches that natural look that sets them aside and you get Scott’s complete 5-minute, 15-minute, and 3zero-minute start-to-end workflows.

In the event you’re able to study the “methods of the trade”-the identical ones that main professional photographers use to retouch, tuck, tighten, and tone their pictures for that pro-retouched look-you’re holding the book that may do exactly that. It is going to transform the best way you retouch your portraits from right here on out, and give you the best-looking, most pure retouches you’ve ever done.

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Photoshop Compositing Secrets, Matt Kloskowski

Photoshop Compositing Secrets: Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites PDF Download Ebook. Matt Kloskowski presents hottest developments in Photoshop and pictures right this moment for portrait photographers, designers of all walks of life, and even retouchers.

All over the place you look, from group photographs, to school graduation or sports portraits, to magazines, movie posters, and DVD covers, likelihood is, you’ve seen compositing. Author takes you thru your entire process behind creating convincing, nicely-executed, and charming composites. You’ll see learn how to create pictures that run the gamut from real-world portraits for company, commencement, or group photographs to sports portraits, templates, and collages, and even the surreal, dramatic composites that shoppers clamor for.

You'll be taught one of the crucial essential secrets to compositing: how you can master picks in Photoshop (yes, even wispy hair), what background coloration, and digicam and lighting setups work greatest for compositing, how you can move a subject from one background to another, and the Photoshop lighting and shadowing methods to make it look actual and all of the Photoshop tips, methods, and particular results it's essential to pull off a convincing, professional composite.

Regardless of in case you're knowledgeable, an aspiring professional, or a hobbyist, this book will sharpen your skills and open up a complete new avenue of photographic expression in an easy-to-understand means that will have you ever creating your personal composites in no time.

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Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 3e

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. W. Richard Stevens begins with basic subjects corresponding to data, directories, and processes, carefully laying the groundwork for understanding more advanced methods, akin to signal handling and terminal I/O.

Substantial new material includes chapters on threads and multithreaded programming, using the socket interface to drive interprocess communication (IPC), and extensive coverage of the interfaces added to the most recent model of the POSIX.1 standard. Nearly all examples have been examined on 4 of today's most widely used UNIX/Linux platforms: FreeBSD 5.2.1; the Linux 2.4.22 kernel; Solaris 9; and Darwin 7.4.0, the FreeBSD/Mach hybrid underlying Apple's Mac OS X 10.3.

As within the first version, you'll be taught through example, together with more than 10,000 strains of downloadable, ANSI C source code. Greater than 400 system calls and capabilities are demonstrated with concise, complete applications that clearly illustrate their utilization, arguments, and return values. To tie collectively what you've got discovered, the book presents a number of chapter-length case research, each absolutely up to date for up to date environments.

This book has helped a technology of programmers write code with exceptional energy, performance, and reliability. Now up to date for in the present day's UNIX/Linux systems, this second version can be much more indispensable. Appendices provide important information on perform prototypes, miscellaneous source code, and solutions to lots of this information's exercises.

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Unix Network Programming Volume 1, Stevens

Unix Network Programming, Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. W. Richard Stevens provides an amazing mix of practical expertise, historical perspective, and a depth of understanding that only comes from being intimately involved in the field.

It's guide to UNIX network programming APIs. Whether or not you write Net servers, shopper/server applications, or some other community software, you'll want to understand networking APIS-especially sockets in better detail than ever before. You need this guide. On this book, the authors supply unprecedented, start-to-end steering on making the most of sockets, the de facto commonplace for UNIX community programming with APIs - as well as extensive coverage of the X/Open Transport Interface (XTI).

To construct at the moment's extremely distributed, networked purposes and companies, you need deep mastery of sockets and different key networking APIs. One book delivers comprehensive, begin-to-finish steering for building strong, excessive-efficiency networked programs in any atmosphere.

This text can be used as both a tutorial on network programming or as a reference forexperienced programmers. When used as a tutorial or for an introductory class on networkprogramming, the emphasis must be on Part 2, ''Elementary Sockets'' (Chapters3 through 11), followed by whatever additional topics are of interest. Part 2 covers thebasic socket features for both TCP and UDP, along with SCTP, I/O multiplexing,socket options, and basic identify and tackle conversions.

Chapter 1 ought to be read byall readers, particularly Part 1.four, which describes some wrapper features usedthroughout the text. Chapter 2 and perhaps Appendix A ought to be referred to as needed,depending on the reader 's background. Most of the chapters in Part 3, ''AdvancedSockets,'' can be learn independently of the others in that a part of the book.

To aid in the use of this book as a reference, a thorough index is offered, alongwith summaries on the end papers of the place to find detailed descriptions of all the functionsand structures. To help these studying subjects in a random order, numerous referencesto related subjects are offered throughout the text.

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UNIX: The Complete Reference 2nd Edition, Rosen

UNIX: The Complete Reference 2nd Edition PDF Free Download Ebook. Kenneth Rosen provides complete coverage of the most recent releases of UNIX--including Solaris 10, all Linux distributions, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD for customers in any respect experience levels.

Written by UNIX experts with a few years of experience starting with Bell Laboratories, this book supplies step-by-step directions on the way to use UNIX and take advantage of its highly effective tools and utilities. It gives tips to protect and preserve the safety of your UNIX system and network.

Rise up-and-running on UNIX quickly, use the command shell and desktop, and entry the Web and e-mail. You'll additionally be taught to manage techniques and networks, develop purposes, and secure your UNIX environment. Up-to-date chapters on UNIX desktops, Samba, Python, Java Apache, and UNIX Internet growth are included.

You can set up, configure, preserve UNIX on your PC or workstation, work with recordsdata, directories, commands, and the UNIX shell, create and modify text files utilizing highly effective text editors, use UNIX desktops, together with GNOME, CDE, and KDE, as an end person or system administrator, handle e-mail, TCP/IP networking, and Web services.

Customers can share units, printers, and data between Home windows and UNIX techniques, use highly effective UNIX instruments, including awk, sed, and grep, develop your personal shell, Python, and Perl scripts, and Java, C, and C++ applications underneath UNIX, set up Apache Net servers and develop browser-impartial Net sites and applications.

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The Linux Programming Interface, Michael Kerrisk

The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook PDF Free Downlod Ebook. Michael Kerrisk provides complete information to the Linux and UNIX programming interface-the interface employed by software that runs on a Linux or UNIX system. It's the most comprehensive single-volume work on the Linux and UNIX programming interface, and a book that's destined to become a new classic.

Creator offers detailed descriptions of the system calls and library functions that you simply need with a purpose to grasp the craft of system programming, and accompanies his explanations with clear, complete example programs. You'll be able to perform interprocess communication utilizing pipes, message queues, shared reminiscence, and semaphores.

You may find descriptions of over 500 system calls and library features, and greater than 200 instance packages, 88 tables, and one hundred fifteen diagrams. You may learn how to learn and write information effectively, use alerts, clocks, and timers, create processes and execute programs, write safe programs, write multithreaded applications utilizing POSIX threads, construct and use shared libraries

This book reveals tips to put in writing network purposes with the sockets API. Whereas this book covers a wealth of Linux-particular options, together with epoll, inotify, and the /proc file system, its emphasis on UNIX requirements (POSIX.1-2001/SUSv3 and POSIX.1-2008/SUSv4) makes it equally helpful to programmers engaged on different UNIX platforms.

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Unix Shell Programming 3rd Edition, Kochan & Wood

Unix Shell Programming 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stephen G. Kochan and Patrick Wood offer complete tutorial for helping Unix and Linux users get optimal performance out of their operating out of their working system. It exhibits them how to take control of their methods and work efficiently by harnessing the power of the shell to resolve common problems. The reader learns the whole lot she or he needs to know to customise the way Unix system responds.

The vast majority of Unix users make the most of the Korn shell or some variant of the Bourne shell, corresponding to bash. Three are covered within the third version of Unix Shell Programming. It begins with a generalized tutorial of Unix and instruments after which strikes into detailed coverage of shell programming.

Matters covered include: regular expressions, the kernel and the utilities, command information, parameters, manipulating text filters, understanding and debugging shell scripts, creating and using variables, instruments, processes, and customizing the shell.

Stephen G. Kochan is the owner of TechFitness, a technology-based fitness company. Prior to that, he was the President and CEO of Pipeline Associates, a company specializing in color printing software. Mr. Kochan is the author of several best-selling books on Unix and C programming, including the best-selling Programming in C. He also acted as Series Editor for the Hayden Unix System Library.

Patrick Wood is the CTO of the New Jersey location of Electronics for Imaging. He was a member of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories when he met Mr. Kochan back in 1985. Together they founded Pipeline Associates, Inc., a Unix consulting firm, where he was the Vice President.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unix Power Tools 3rd Edition, Powers and O'Reilly

Unix Power Tools 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Shelley Powers, Jerry Peek and Tim O'Reilly discover the standard Unix tools in better depth than ever, and with better coverage of Linux, FreeBSD, and even the Darwin atmosphere of Mac OS X. It is also been improved by the addition of sections on Perl and Python, programming languages that may usually clear up Unix issues more adeptly than any particular utility.

This element-crammed book distinguishes itself from other guides for Unix gurus with its organizational structure (it's a sequence of articles that can be absorbed sequentially or individually) and carefully designed and executed index. Like its esteemed predecessors, this book is one you'll maintain handy.

The authors have achieved an almost ideally suited balance within the pages of this book. It is not only a collection of recipes (such collections have a tendency to go away you hanging if you wish to do something somewhat differently), it isn't only a book of documentation (books like which have utility primarily as references for people who know lots already), and it isn't just a conceptual how-to guide.

This book is all of these things, and the general impact is impressive indeed. In case you work with any taste of Unix, whatever your level of expertise, you'll benefit by having this book.

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Download Unix Power Tools PDF Ebook :

The Unix Programming Environment, Kernighan and Pike

The Unix Programming Environment PDF Download Ebook. Kernighan and Pike describe the UNIX® programming surroundings and philosophy in detail. Readers will gain an understanding not solely of the way to use the system, its components, and the packages, but additionally how these match into the total environment.

This book begins with a brief, excellent preface detailing some of the early historical past of Unix and explaining the structure of the book and the philosophy behind it. The preface states "Our goal on this book is to speak the UNIX programming philosophy all through runs the themes of mixing programs and of using applications to construct programs." It delivers on that goal.

The book then follows with a collection of chapters that start with basic shell instructions and then pipes before branching out into shell programming and occurring to explore useful Unix tools such as grep, sed, awk, C, the standard libraries, make, yacc and lex by a collection of small helpful applications culminating in a small calculator language known as `hoc' - a useful calculator and easily extensible.

Whereas most may feel that grep, sed, awk and shell programming have been changed by instruments comparable to Perl and Python these early chapters present a good grounding in Unix programming and remind newer users of the power and usefulness of these simple Unix tools.

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Learning the UNIX Operating System 5th Edition

Learning the UNIX Operating System 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Jerry Peek reveals methods to use and manage files and get your e-mail in addition to learn how to perform more superior duties, such as redirecting normal input/output and multi tasking your processes. These new to the UNIX world will recognize its concise presentation, and people fairly acquainted with UNIX will study many new shortcuts, methods, and tools.

If you are new to Unix, this concise book will let you know simply what you need to get began and no more. Unix was one of many first working systems written in C, a excessive-degree programming language, and its pure portability and low price made it a well-liked selection amongst universities. Initially, two predominant dialects of Unix existed: one produced by AT&T often called System V, and one developed at UC Berkeley and often called BSD. In recent years, many other dialects have been created, together with the highly fashionable Linux operating system and the new Mac OS X (a spinoff of BSD).

It's a useful book for someone simply starting with Unix or Linux, and it is a super primer for Mac and PC users of the Internet who have to know somewhat about Unix on the methods they visit. The fifth version is the most effective introduction to Unix in print, covering Internet utilization for e-mail, file transfers, internet browsing, and many main and minor updates to help the reader navigate the ever-expanding capabilities of the working system.

In response to the recognition of Linux, the book now focuses on the favored bash shell most popular by most Linux users. A new chapter explains tips on how to use ftp, pine for mail, and gives helpful knowledge on the best way to surf the web.

At present everyone is anxious about security. With this in thoughts, the writer has included tips throughout the text on security basics, particularly within the Web and networking sections. The book includes a completely updated fast reference card to make it easier for the reader to entry the key features of the command line.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Python Essential Reference 4th Edition, David Beazley

Python Essential Reference 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. David M. Beazley untangles and explains the core Python language and essentially the most important components of the Python library. Designed for the skilled programmer, the book is concise, to the purpose, and extremely accessible. It also consists of detailed information on the Python library and lots of superior topics that is not accessible in the official Python documentation or any other single reference source.

Completely up to date to reflect the numerous new programming language options and library modules that have been introduced in Python 2.6 and Python 3, it is the definitive information for programmers who must modernize present Python code or who are planning an eventual migration to Python 3. Programmers starting a brand new Python challenge will discover detailed coverage of latest Python programming idioms.

This book offers quite a few enhancements, additions, and updates coverage of latest language options, libraries, and modules. Sensible coverage of Python's more advanced features consists of generators, coroutines, closures, metaclasses, and decorators. Expanded coverage of library modules is related to concurrent programming together with threads, subprocesses, and the new multiprocessing module.

Up-to-the-minute coverage shows tips on how to use Python 2.6’s forward compatibility mode to guage code for Python 3 compatibility with improved group for even quicker solutions and better usability. The subjects mirror trendy Python programming model and idioms. Deep coverage of low-degree system and networking library modules embody choices not covered in the usual documentation.

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The Quick Python Book 2nd Edition by Vern Ceder

The Quick Python Book 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Vern Ceder offers concise introduction to Python 3, geared toward programmers new to Python. This book contains all of the adjustments in Python 3, itself a significant shift from earlier versions of Python.

The book begins with basic but helpful packages that train the core features of syntax, management flow, and data structures. It then strikes to larger purposes involving code management, object-oriented programming, net improvement, and changing code from earlier variations of Python.

True to his audience of skilled developers, the writer covers widespread programming language options concisely, whereas giving extra detail to these options unique to Python. It may be used as a compact reference while you're completed reading the book and various tables throughout the book help it perform as a reference.

Not like its competition, it doesn't spend chapter upon chapter on databases, networking, or net applications. As a substitute, such topics are covered in just one (quick) chapter on the finish of the book. Ceder provides useful recommendation on the interrelation between older and newer Python features, whether discussing easy methods to be extra idiomatic (e.g. in chapter 6 on the format method vs % formatting, and in chapter 14 when introducing the "with" assertion).

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner 3e

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Michael Dawson offers strong introduction to show the ideas of programming via simple sport creation. You'll acquire the skills that you want for sensible Python programming purposes and can learn how these abilities can be put to make use of in real-world scenarios.

Throughout the chapters, you will see that code samples that illustrate ideas presented. On the finish of every chapter, you'll discover a complete game that demonstrates the important thing ideas in the chapter, a abstract of the chapter, and a set of challenges that exams your newfound knowledge. By the point you end this book, you may be properly versed in Python and be capable to apply the basic programming ideas you've got realized to the following programming language you tackle.

This book is ideal for the beginning programmer who wants to be taught Python--a powerful, versatile, and concise programming language. Each new idea is taught utilizing a simple instance program, and an finish-of-chapter challenge ties collectively the entire concepts learned. Each finish-of-chapter undertaking is recreation-primarily based, making programming fun and accessible.

The accompanying internet site incorporates the entire software wanted to write and run the programs in the book. Michael Dawson has labored as each a programmer and a computer game designer and producer. Along with actual-world recreation industry experience, Dawson earned his bachelor's degree in Pc Science from the College of Southern California. Creator currently teaches sport programming and design to students of all ages by UCLA Extension courses and private lessons.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Programming Python 4th Edition by Mark Lutz

Programming Python 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Mark Lutz shows in-depth tutorials on the language's main utility domains: system administration, GUIs, and the Web. You will additionally explore how Python is used in databases, networking, front-end scripting layers, text processing, and more.

This book focuses on generally used instruments and libraries to offer you a comprehensive understanding of Python’s many roles in practical, actual-world programming. You will be taught language syntax and programming techniques in a clear and concise method, with a number of examples that illustrate both right utilization and customary idioms.

This book also delves into the language as a software program development tool, with many code examples scaled specifically for that purpose. Subjects build a easy demo that includes information representation, object-oriented programming, object persistence, GUIs, and website basics.

System programming explores system interface tools and methods for command-line scripting, processing records data and folders, operating packages in parallel, and more. So readers learn to make use of Python’s tkinter widget library. Internet programming can entry consumer-facet network protocols and e-mail instruments, use CGI scripts, and be taught website implementation techniques. There are numerous ways to implement information constructions, parse text-primarily based information, interface with databases, and lengthen and embed Python.

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Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science 2e

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science 2nd Edition Free Download PDF Ebook. John M. Zelle takes a fairly conventional approach, emphasizing problem fixing, design, and programming as the core skills of computer science. Nevertheless, these ideas are illustrated using a non-traditional language, namely Python.

Although Python is used because of the language, educating Python isn't the principle point of this book. Moderately, Python is used to illustrate elementary ideas of design and programming that apply in any language or computing environment. In some places, I've purposely averted sure Python options and idioms that aren't typically present in other languages. There are already many good books about Python on the market; this book is meant as an introduction to computing.

Options embody the in depth use of computer graphics, interesting examples, readable prose, versatile spiral coverage, object coverage and intensive finish-of-chapter problems. This book is extremely clear and well-written. It introduces a novice to the foundational ideas of computer science. There are various great examples and activities that the reader can jump into virtually immediately.

Lastly, this book takes you smoothly and slowly by the art of programming so that you additionally study somewhat computer science. Creator makes use of a contemporary object oriented script language (Python) for this purpose: a surprisingly good selection for a primary language.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Applied Cryptography 2nd Edition, Bruce Schneier

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C 2nd Edition PDF Free Download. Bruce Schneier presents comprehensive survey of recent cryptography. The book details how programmers and digital communications professionals can use cryptography, the technique of enciphering and deciphering messages-to take care of the privacy of computer data.

Cryptographic techniques have purposes far past the obvious makes use of encoding and decoding information. Bruce Schneier covers basic lessons of cryptographic protocols after which specific techniques, detailing the inside workings of actual-world cryptographic algorithms including the Data Encryption Commonplace and RSA public-key cryptosystems.

The book contains supply-code listings and extensive advice on the sensible features of cryptography implementation, such because the importance of generating truly random numbers and of conserving keys secure.

This book describes dozens of cryptography algorithms, offers practical advice on tips on how to implement them into cryptographic software program, and shows how they can be utilized to unravel safety problems. Masking the latest developments in sensible cryptographic strategies, it shows programmers who design computer purposes, networks, and storage systems how they'll construct security into their software and systems.

There may be new information on the Clipper Chip, ways to defeat the important thing escrow mechanism, encryption algorithms, together with algorithms from the previous Soviet Union and South Africa, RC4 stream cipher, latest protocols for digital signatures, authentication, safe elections, digital cash, and extra detailed information on key management and cryptographic implementations.

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Understanding the Linux Kernel 3rd Edition, Bovet

Understanding the Linux Kernel 3rd Edition PDF Free Download. Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati provide probably the most vital information buildings, algorithms, and programming tips used within the kernel. Probing beyond superficial options, the authors offer priceless insights to people who want to know the way things actually work inside their machine.

Important Intel-particular features are discussed. Relevant segments of code are dissected line by line. But the book covers more than simply the functioning of the code; it explains the theoretical underpinnings of why Linux does issues the way it does.

This book covers Model 2.6, which has seen significant adjustments to just about every kernel subsystem, significantly in the areas of memory management and block devices. The book focuses on the following subjects: reminiscence management, together with file buffering, process swapping, Direct reminiscence Access (DMA), Digital Filesystem layer and the Second and Third Extended Filesystems.

Other topics include process creation, scheduling, indicators, interrupts, essential interfaces to machine drivers, timing, synchronization inside the kernel, interprocess Communication (IPC) and program execution.

This book will acquaint you with all the inner workings of Linux, but it surely's more than simply an academic exercise. You may be taught what circumstances convey out Linux's best performance, and you will see the way it meets the challenge of offering good system response during course of scheduling, file access, and memory management in a wide variety of environments. This book will assist you to profit from your Linux system.

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Probabilistic Graphical Models Principles and Techniques

Probabilistic Graphical Models Principles and Techniques Free PDF Download. Daphne Koller and Nir Friedman present extensive coverage of the field, starting from basic representational issues to the latest strategies for approximate inference and learning. As such, it is likely to become a definitive reference for all those who work in this area. Detailed worked examples and case research additionally make the book accessible to students.

Most tasks require an individual or an automatic system to purpose--to succeed in conclusions based on out there information. The framework of probabilistic graphical models, presented on this book, offers a basic strategy for this task. The approach is mannequin-based, permitting interpretable models to be constructed after which manipulated by reasoning algorithms. These models can be discovered routinely from information, allowing the strategy to be used in instances the place manually establishing a model is troublesome or even impossible.

Because uncertainty is an inescapable facet of most real-world applications, the book focuses on probabilistic models, which make the uncertainty specific and provide models which are more trustworthy to reality. Probabilistic Graphical Models discusses quite a lot of models, spanning Bayesian networks, undirected Markov networks, discrete and steady models, and extensions to deal with dynamical methods and relational data.

The primary text in every chapter gives the detailed technical growth of the key ideas. For each class of models, the text describes the three fundamental cornerstones: representation, inference, and studying, presenting both basic ideas and advanced techniques. Finally, the book considers the usage of the proposed framework for causal reasoning and decision making below uncertainty.

Most chapters also include packing containers with extra material: skill boxes, which describe methods; case examine boxes, which debate empirical cases associated to the approach described in the text, including functions in computer vision, robotics, pure language understanding, and computational biology; and idea packing containers, which present vital concepts drawn from the material within the chapter. Instructors (and readers) can group chapters in various combinations, from core matters to more technically advanced material, to suit their specific needs.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CISSP Practice Exams 2nd Edition, Shon Harris

CISSP Practice Exams 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Shon Harris offers 750+ practice questions plus 24 hours of audio lectures. Well-regarded for her participating and informative fashion, Shon Harris is IT security certification expert. Designed to be exam-targeted research-self assistant and useful resource, this guide offers 100% coverage of the 10 examination domains.

Organized by these domains, the book allows you to focus on specific subjects and tailor your research to your areas of experience and weakness. To further help in study and retention, every question within the book is accompanied by in-depth reply explanations for the correct and incorrect answer choices. Each chapter incorporates 25+ practice questions with an extra 500 practice questions hosted in an internet-primarily based environment.

As an added bonus, you’ll get access to 24 hours of audio lectures that includes Harris conducting intensive assessment sessions. The matters embody: Information Security Governance and Risk Management; Access Control; Security Architecture and Design; Physical (Environmental) Security; Telecommunications and Networking Security; Cryptography; Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning; Legal, Regulations, Investigations, and Compliance; Software Development Security; Operations Security

Shon Harris, MCSE, CISSP, is the president of Logical Security, a security consultant, a former engineer in the U.S. Air Force's Information Warfare unit, an instructor, and the bestselling author ofCISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, now in its sixth edition. She was recognized as one of the top 25 women in the information security field by Information Security Magazine.

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CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide Download PDF Ebook. Matthew Walker gives complete coverage of all of the goals included on the EC-Council's Licensed Moral Hacker examination inside this comprehensive resource. Written by an IT security expert, this authoritative guide covers the seller-impartial CEH examination in full detail.

This text offers built-in study system based mostly on confirmed pedagogy. Special elements reinforce and educate sensible abilities, together with: step by step workout routines, special exam watch and on the job elements, and chapter Self Tests. Self-Test sections embody data and state of affairs-based questions and one case research based Lab Question per chapter.

You'll find studying objectives at first of each chapter, examination ideas, practice exam questions, and in-depth explanations. Designed to help you go the examination easily, this text additionally serves as a necessary on-the-job reference.

All topics include: Introduction to ethical hacking, Cryptography, Reconnaissance and footprinting, Network scanning, Enumeration, System hacking, Evasion techniques, Social engineering and physical security, Hacking web servers and applications, SQL injection, Viruses, trojans, and other attacks, Wireless hacking and Penetration testing.

All contents in CD-ROM include, two practice exams, PDF copy of the book, bonus appendix with author's recommended tools, sites, and references

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Hacker's Delight 2nd Edition by Henry S. Warren

Hacker's Delight 2nd Edition Free Download PDF Ebook Henry S. Warren compiles an irresistible collection of programming hacks: timesaving strategies, algorithms, and methods that help programmers build more elegant and environment friendly software program, while also gaining deeper insights into their craft.

The subjects are eminently practical issues however they’re additionally intrinsically interesting, and generally sudden, much like the solution to an important puzzle. This book is suitable to any programmer who is worked up by the chance to improve. Writer guarantees to inform the deep, dark secrets of computer arithmetic, and it delivers in spades. It accommodates every trick I knew plus many, many more. A godsend for library builders, compiler writers, and lovers of elegant hacks, it deserves a spot on your shelf proper subsequent to Knuth.

Intensive additions in this book embody new chapter on cyclic redundancy checking (CRC), together with routines for the commonly used CRC-32 code, error correcting codes (ECC), routines for the Hamming code with coverage of integer division by constants, including methods using solely shifts and additions. Computing remainders are explained without computing quotient with extra coverage of inhabitants rely and counting leading zeros.

Array population rely is presented with new algorithms for compress and develop, LRU algorithm, floating-point to/from integer conversions, approximate floating-level reciprocal square root routine, gallery of graphs of discrete functions, workout routines and solutions.

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Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions 7e

Hacking Exposed 7: Network Security Secrets & Solutions 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stuart McClure offers new information on in the present day's most devastating assaults and confirmed countermeasures. It presents new “5 Deployments” approach for the first time that gives five key actions for each countermeasure, targeted on five areas of expertise.

This text applies the authors’ internationally recognized and extremely sought-after computer safety methodologies, technical rigor, and from-the-trenches expertise to making computer technology utilization and deployments safer and more secure for businesses and consumers. It uncovers new, slicing-edge computer security issues.

Brand-new Superior Persistent Threats chapter details the tricks and techniques are utilized by hackers to inject malware into networks and set up botnets, and this book provides countermeasures to defend towards these more and more prevalent threats. Countermeasures Map is a primary-time function that visually guides you through the time-saving “one greatest” command that can be deployed to fight the greatest number of potential attacks.

Brand-new Embedded Systems Hacking chapter reveals how hackers achieve access to and management remote gadgets and gives countermeasures to defend towards these hacks. This book affords new content material on SCADA protocols and updates to Internet 2.0, hardware, Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server 2010, Cisco, RFID, data theft, and more.

Writer will get into present threats and details the brand new menace of APT (advanced persistent threats), embedded hacking, database hacking, and significant coverage of cell devices. The book additionally spends extra time on dealing with countermeasures to the varied threats and vulnerabilities detailed.

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Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 2e, Bishop

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Christopher M. Bishop presents approximate inference algorithms that permit fast approximate answers in situations where exact answers are not feasible. It uses graphical models to describe probability distributions when no other books apply graphical models to machine learning.

No previous knowledge of pattern recognition or machine learning concepts is assumed. Familiarity with multivariate calculus and basic linear algebra is required, and some experience in the use of probabilities would be helpful though not essential as the book includes a self-contained introduction to basic probability theory.

The dramatic growth in practical applications for machine learning over the last ten years has been accompanied by many important developments in the underlying algorithms and techniques. For example, Bayesian methods have grown from a specialist niche to become mainstream, while graphical models have emerged as a general framework for describing and applying probabilistic techniques.

The practical applicability of Bayesian methods has been greatly enhanced by the development of a range of approximate inference algorithms such as variational Bayes and expectation propagation, while new models based on kernels have had a significant impact on both algorithms and applications. This completely new textbook reflects these recent developments while providing a comprehensive introduction to the fields of pattern recognition and machine learning. It is aimed at advanced undergraduates or first-year PhD students, as well as researchers and practitioners.

The book is suitable for courses on machine learning, statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bioinformatics. Extensive support is provided for course instructors, including more than 400 exercises, graded according to difficulty.

Example solutions for a subset of the exercises are available from the book web site, while solutions for the remainder can be obtained by instructors from the publisher. The book is supported by a great deal of additional material, and the reader is encouraged to visit the book web site for the latest information.

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The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing Ebook

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy PDF Download Ebook. Patrick Engebretson provides complete introduction to the steps required to finish a penetration test or perform moral hack. You discover ways to correctly utilize and interpret the results of modern day hacking tools; which are required to finish a penetration test.

Device coverage will include, Backtrack Linux, Google, Whois, Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, Netcat, Netbus, and more. A simple and clean clarification of how you can make the most of these tools will allow you to achieve a solid understanding of every of the four phases and prepare them to take on extra in-depth texts and topics. This book includes the usage of a single example (pen test goal) throughout the book which lets you clearly see how the tools and phases relate.

Every chapter contains arms-on examples and workout routines which might be designed to show you find out how to interpret the outcomes and make the most of these leads to later phases. This book utilizes the Backtrack Linus distribution and focuses on the seminal instruments required to complete a penetration test.

After finishing the book readers will be ready to tackle in-depth and advanced topics in hacking and penetration testing. The book walks through each of the steps and tools in a structured, orderly manner allowing readers to understand how the output from every tool will be absolutely utilized in the subsequent phases of the penetration test. This process allows readers to obviously see how the tools and phases relate.

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Hacking: The Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition, Erickson

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Jon Erickson explains how arcane hacking strategies actually work. To share the art and science of hacking in a manner that's accessible to everybody, this book introduces the basics of C programming from a hacker's perspective.

The included LiveCD offers a whole Linux programming and debugging setting-all with out modifying your current operating system. Use it to observe along with the book's examples as you fill gaps in your data and discover hacking techniques on your own. Get your palms dirty debugging code, overflowing buffers, hijacking community communications, bypassing protections, exploiting cryptographic weaknesses, and perhaps even inventing new exploits.

This book will train you easy methods to program computers using C, meeting language, shell scripts, corrupt system memory to run arbitrary code using buffer overflows and format strings, examine processor registers and system reminiscence with a debugger to realize an actual understanding of what is taking place, outsmart frequent security measures like non executable stacks and intrusion detection systems.

You are able to gain access to a distant server utilizing port-binding or connect-back shell code, and alter a server's logging conduct to hide your presence, redirect community traffic, conceal open ports, hijack TCP connections, crack encrypted wi-fi traffic utilizing the FMS attack, and speed up brute-drive assaults using a password probability matrix.

Hackers are at all times pushing the boundaries, investigating the unknown, and evolving their art. Even when you do not already know how to program, this book will give you a complete image of programming, machine architecture, network communications, and existing hacking techniques. Mix this knowledge with the included Linux setting, and all you want is your individual creativity.

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